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Expensive vs cheap

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Expensive Vs cheap

Our apporach to creating ads is based on your goals and ofcourse your budget.

Studies have found that the performance of an ad has little to none correlation with the cost and production quality of the ad.

Sure we can create an high budget ad, but it might not perform better than a cheaper production created by stock video/images.

Our analasys will tell what might be your best option.

The power of
communication styles

Since people perceive information differently, creating ads that cater to different communication styles is crucial.

There are six communication styles, and the three most significant ones appeal to 70% of the population. If you target only one communication style, you're missing out on potential customers.

Therefore, we recommended to test different communication styles at the beginning to determine which ones resonate the most with your audience.

"We have seen an revenue increase that has blown our minds"

Mats Brass

CTO, Svenskabrasserier


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with creatives for my Ad campaigns?

Yes, we can both manage your campaigns and create visuals along with them

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Will i get a report every month?

We will have a scheduled meeting with you where our team will go through the current status

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Do you do A/B testing on creatives?

Yes, we usually do A/B testing on creatives to see which ones perform best.

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Is it expensive to create video ads?

We can both create cheap ads and more expensive. Sometimes it's better to start testing with a more cost effective solution in the beginning and later on create something with a higher budget.

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Technical solutions

We use a variety of third party and proprietary technical solutions to enhance our use of data to support your long term marketing goals.
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