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Linn Kristensen
Digital Specialist

+46 707 386 355

Nils Sjölund
Digital Specialist

Masoud Fatahi
Digital Specialist

Peter Belwon
Creative Specialist

+46 707 233 963

Moose Äljgren
I like birch leaf

+46 735 441 229

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Technical solutions

We use a variety of third party and proprietary technical solutions to enhance our use of data to support your long term marketing goals.

Technical solutions

Social Connect gives you full control over who you wish to share your insights with. Your data, which includes Audience and Post insights, can only be accessed by brands you choose to connect with.
"We have seen an revenue increase that has blown our minds"

Mats Brass

CTO, Svenskabrasserier


All you need in one place

With cost effective and proven
marketing strategies


Digital Strategy
Paid Search
Paid Social


Creative Strategy
Ad creation


Product feed optimization
Reporting and visualizing


A dedicated team of specialists both within the digital and creatives space


One stop-shop digital agency

With cost effective and proven marketing strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us create creatives for our ads on social media?

Yes, we can both manage your campaigns and create visuals along with them

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Do you A/B test ads and help us analyze what kind of creatives, target audience and copy that works best for us?

Yes, we do.

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Do you recommende paid social as a part of the full funnel strategy?

In most cases we do. But we always need to understand your business goals first to see if it would be a recommended activity!

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Do you drink coffe?

Yes we do. No sugar.

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